What Is The Forge

 I had spent several months listening to an entrepreneurial and life development podcast that had a lot of really good stuff to say. I felt pumped everyday, ready to dominate! But some spiritual changes started happening in my life. The podcast was rated "explicit" due to the language used by the host and some guests. That never bothered me because I spoke the same way; however, I wanted to change that part of my life. I began searching for a Christian podcast that would have that same effect on me, getting me pumped up and ready to run through a wall! (for Jesus of course) However, I wasn't finding anything.  I just kept finding the same ol' boring "Christian Stuff". It was kind of like, way back when "contemporary" christian music was so dramatically different from secular music. It was lame in comparison, but nowadays it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between Christian and secular music (musically, that is). I was looking for something like that. I wanted the same premise as the podcast I HAD been listening to, but with a Christ-centered and Biblical message. I wasn't finding it. So God said, "Why not you? 

Who Am I

 "Why not you"? What do you mean me? I am no one to be showing anyone how to "Live for God". I'm not even doing it myself! I am NOT well-versed, if even literate, in the Bible and I have no prayer life. I have been a hypocrite. 

I want to change that, and I think God gave me this vision because I think there are people like me that are looking for something like this too. We are in the same boat, looking to chase after God and want to listen to something more our style, getting a Christ-centered and biblical message. 

So let's do this together then. Hop on let's go for a ride.

Why "The Forge"

 I wanted this thing to be completely about God. To glorify Him, to lift Him up and to be guided by Him.


When I was thinking of a name for the show I was drawing a blank; so I prayed. I said "God, this is your thing. I pray you bring me a premise for the show, and I pray that you give me a name for the show. But it has to be really cool, and also give me a good story behind it."

He did; so we have The Forge. 

Here is what Wikipedia says about a Forge.

"A forge is a type of hearth used for heating metals. The forge is used by the Smith to heat a piece of metal to a temperature where it is easier to shape by forging...

The metal is transported to and from the forge using tongs, which are also used to hold the metal on the Smithy's anvil while the Smith works it with a hammer until it reaches the desired shape."

Now, read it again and replace "Smith" with "God", and replace "Metal" with your name. 

Sometimes, in order to draw closer to God and grow spiritually, we have to go through a fiery furnace of trials and valleys, being superheated to blast all of the impurities off and soften us to make us moldable. We can't draw closer to God if we are still living the same old way, in the same old sin. We need to allow God to do His work and shape us in the way He designed. That way, we can reach our full potential in Christ. He has so much more for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. 

He gives us free will. He wants us to WANT Him. Are we ready to submit to His authority in our lives and allow Him to do His handiwork?